19 Meter Boom Diesel Engine and Electric Motor Dock Quay Pier Loading and Unloading Material Handler for Sand Chemical Fertilizer with Clamshell Bucket Grab

19 Meter Boom Diesel Engine and Electric Motor Dock Quay Pier Loading and Unloading Material Handler for Sand Chemical Fertilizer with Clamshell Bucket Grab

The steel grabber materials handling device is a sort of scrap loading and unloading products. It can realize a selection of operation capabilities by modifying the gripper substance dealing with and doing work system. Therefore, it is also named a grabber, which is broadly utilised in metal vegetation, smelters, ports, docks and scrap transfer. Special engineering machinery in the sector, outfitted with diverse grippers (this kind of as plum get, shell seize, spherical seize, billet get, hydraulic shear, hydraulic pliers, and many others.) to satisfy diverse customer conditions for scrap, ore, coal The need for bulk fertilizer and yellow sand loading and unloading.

one.Affordable and trustworthy
Solitary pump continuous electrical power, dual pump cross electrical power management, secure motor output
Negative flow pump control approach and very good economic climate
The hydraulic oil radiator and engine drinking water cooler are cartridge-mounted, compact and effective
CZPT hoses and seals are set with imported items and have high dependability.

two.Affordable design
The boom and the arm are hydraulically locked, and the affect resistance is good, and each of them recognize the double pump confluence, the stick regeneration, the multi-motion composite, and the work is stable
Two speeds of going for walks pace are selected to attain two speeds to meet different functioning situations
Higher arm brake for walking and swinging mechanism, hydraulic opening, good protection
Flexible configuration according to distinct grades of consumers
The energy system, hydraulic technique and working system can be freely and flexibly configured according to user requirements
The working device adopts the construction of “straight transferring arm and curved stick”, and is equipped with electric suction cup and lifting driver’s taxi

3.High effectiveness and environmental protection
Basic operation, convenient routine maintenance and protected and reputable functionality
Environmental protection, vitality saving, lower sound and prolonged services daily life
The considerably-infrared distant manage method can realize lengthy-distance procedure the crawler type touring device has tiny grounding stress, steady walking and adaptable steering.


1.The motor air filter is double-filtered, which can effectively cope with the difficulty of big dust on the scrap finding procedure website. Especially in a shut doing work atmosphere indoors, the dust focus is higher. The dual filtration technique raises engine performance and extends provider daily life.

two.The cab can pick top adjustable sort or mounted kind with various top.The cabin is shockproof and soundproof variety.It has extensive check out and equipped with air conditioning and audio, air seats, secure and comfy.

three.Electrical power program, hydraulic technique and grabbing implements can be customerized according to diverse doing work size and operate prerequisite.

four.CZPT central lubrication make everyday maintenance straightforward.

5.Diesel and electric powered hybrid travel can be pushed by the two inside combustion motor and electric motor drive.
Pushed by electrical motor, it has minimal servicing price, no air pollution and low failure fee. four. Motor procedure is one particular 3rd of the value of internal combustion motor operation.

six.Unique imported hydraulic method, distinctive digital handle method, the ideal integration of mechanical, electric and hydraulic integration.

seven.widened and prolonged “X” frame, normal with 800mm aluminum plate, sturdy steadiness, to make certain the effective operation of the complete device.

eight.It adopts higher-strength wear-resistant metal, shell-sort get, plum grab, electromagnetic sucker and other add-ons to flexibly switch, and can be CZPT according to doing work conditions.

9.First imported hose, steel wire surround, to avoid oil leakage, higher dependability.

ten.Equipped with a hydraulic oil powerful air heat sink to guarantee that the hydraulic oil temperature rise of the equipment does not exceed 80 °C. Successfully extend the existence of hydraulic seals.


  Diesel engine CZPT
  Product QSL8.nine-C360(EURO III)
  Variety Turbocharged, air air cooling
  Cylinder No. 6
  Cylinder diameter/stroke 114mm/144.5mm
  Piston displacement eight.9L
  Rated power 264KW/2100rpm
  using power 256kw/1800rpm
  Max torque 1500N.m@1500rpm
  Air filter Secondary dry air filter + prefilter
  Alternator model CZPT/21BJ077,24V,70A
  CZPTting motor model parameter CZPT/C5256984,24V,seven.5kW
Electronic system    
  System pressure 24v
  Battery set 2x12v/180Ah
CZPT system    
  Type Dual pump dual loop negative flow control variable system
  Main pump type shaft type plunger variable dual pump
  Max flow 2×400 L/min
  Max working pressure 31.5Mpa
  Pilot type Gear pump
  Max flow 1x30L/min
  Max working pressure three.92Mpa
  Secondary overload pressure 35Mpa
  Strolling 35Mpa
  Swing 29.5Mpa
  cylinder (QTY – cylinder diameter x stroke)  
  Arm cylinder two-φ170mmx1825mm
  Stick cylinder two-φ140mmx1635mm
  Plum flower grab cylinder 5-φ80mmx350mm
  Shell grab cylinder two-φ125mmx400mm
  CZPT oil cooling mode CZPT oil radiator is forced by the hydraulic motor to dissipate heat
  Working cycle time 20-25S
Walking system    
  Going for walks, steering control Pedal control with joystick
  Walking motor 2x axial plunger type quant motor
  Retarding mechanism two stage planetary gear reducer
  Travel brake closed wet multi-disc brake
  Walking speed two stage 0-2.9/-five
  Maximum traction 365kN
  Climbing ability 30°
  Vehicle chassis type X type
  Crawler frame Box type section construction
  Crawler tension Butter cylinder tensioned
  segments A few-stiffened heavy track plate
  Segments number 54 pcs per side
  Drag sprocket number 2 pcs per side
  Supporting roller number 10 pcs per side
Rotation system    
  Type Open type hydraulic driven
  Rotary motor 1x axial plunger type quant motor
  Retarding mechanism Two-stage planetary reducer
  Slewing brake closed wet multi-disc brake
  Slewing bearing Single line ball type swing support
  Rotary speed ten.5rpm
Oil/fuel capacity    
  CZPT oil tank 730L
  Fuel tank 540L
  Cooling water tank 50L
  Engine oil 18L
  Travel reducer gearbox 2x8L
Driver’s sight height    
  Fixed increased cabin height 1700mm
  Fixed increased cabin driver’s sight 4250mm
  Lifting type cabin lifting height -1900mm
  Lifting type cabin driver’s sight 2550/4450mm
Plumblossom grab (including suspension assembly)    
  Grab capacity (M3) one
  Gravity (t) two.02
  Close/open size (mm) 1480/2750
clamshell grab(including suspension assembly)    
  Grab capacity (M3) 3
  Gravity (t) 2.one
  Near/open size (mm) 1990/2600
  A main machine length 15800
  B. Height of main engine (fixed increase by 1000mm) 4370
  C main machine width 3600
  D platform width 3400
  E center distance between drive wheel and guide wheel 4260
  F track length 5200
  G gauge 2800
  H track width 800
  I track plate width 3600
  J track height 1050
  K minimum ground clearance four hundred
  L tail turning radius 5200
  M hood height above ground 2590
  N. Ballast clearance above ground 1190


19 Meter Boom Diesel Engine and Electric Motor Dock Quay Pier Loading and Unloading Material Handler for Sand Chemical Fertilizer with Clamshell Bucket Grab