600ppm Automatic Baby Diapers Making Machine & Production Line

600ppm Automatic Baby Diapers Making Machine & Production Line

Computerized Little one Diaper producing equipment creation line (XE-4196)

Steady output ability of 600 parts for every minute or 36,000 items per hour.

Entirely servo motor driving method.


1, Completely servo motor driving program for exact transmission.
2, 3D cotton core formed in drum sort.
three, Constant stress handle rolling push.
four, Automatic non-end roll changing.
five, Pneunatic rolling shaft for easy feeding materials.
6, Created-in computerized inspecting and removing problems.
seven, 3D facet-leasing-proof wall and eslatic waistline composite mechanism.
8, Built-in auto modifying and correcting technique.
nine, Contact display control panel with graphic male-device interface.
ten, S-shape minimize of left and right waist pastes.
11, Online eslatic waistline lamination.
12, On the internet back again sheet lamination.
13, Positioned slicing of Back sheet and front waistline paste.
fourteen, Fully servo motor driving stacker and automated packaging mechanism.
15, Created and made as CE regulations and standards.

Output Solution

Little one diapers.

1.1    Mill – mounted rotor mill for drum former with the adhering to attributes
a)    37kw electrical motor
b)    Greased bearings with temperature readouts and alarm for above-temp
c)    Easy removal of breaker bar
d)    Chevron type rotor sound reduction style
e)    Pulp feed rolls on pneumatic nip maintain from jam
f)    Pulp aspect guides and in feed tray
g)    Adjustable air flow
h)    Two spindle unwind stand for pulp
i)    Auto splicing of pulp rolls CZPT line stoppage.

one.2    Drum Forming main with the following features
a)    Continues pad development to create pads for each connected drawings
b)    The pad was over wrap by tissue with calendar embossing
c)    Quick changeover attributes amongst measurements
d)    Guaranteed total indicated operate out of +- 2mm
e)    Guaranteed fluff fat variability of less than +- 5% from concentrate on
f)    Dual scarfing rolls – adjustable gapping
g)    Appropriate inside baffling for discrete forming

one.3    SAP method
a)    Volumetric sap technique for sap introduction into drum former making use of compressed air
b)    Guaranteed pad to pad excess weight variability to not exceed 5% from target
c)    15gram for every solution highest capability
d)    Operator enter for numerous pad weights

1.4    Calendar and Embossing
a)    Stepped calendar part for location pad density
b)    Adjustable hole system
c)    Feature to avoid extreme pad expansion on discrete pad
d)    Adequate transfer plates between sections to guarantee pad integrity
e)    Emboss section for diamond sample(60 diploma) embossing Torque security
f)    Torque defense

1.5    Inner leg gather
a)    Machine to have ribbon style ILG unit 
b)    Total of two adhesive heads for elastic and two for ribbon attachment to best sheet
c)    Elastic unwind able of 6 strands with 12″ diameter spools
d)    Easily adjustable head and strand with policies for operator documentation of good operate configurations

one.6    Acquisition layer
a)    Cut and area acquisition layer applicator for placement on Pad.
b)    Vacuum drum type with flex knife cutoff
c)    vacuum fan 
d)    Knife to have automated oilers
e)    Torque protection

1.7    Leg elastic 
a)    Elastic unwind stand with capability to run up to eight strands of elastic on 12″ diameter spools
b)    Spacing as for every solution drawings
c)    Easily adjustable mechanism for spacing adjustment from centre line
d)    Designed for glue heads implementing adhesive straight to elastic
e)    Adhesive applicator to have one pump for each head

1.8    90 diploma nappy core shifting applicator
a)    The completed nappy core will flip ninety degree on device route by a CAM vacuum drum
b)    The pitch of the product will be adjusted and connect on to the elastic waist band

1.9    Waist band
a)    Application made for elastic – nonwoven on the internet lamination content
b)    Elastic unwind stand with capacity to operate up to fifty strands of elastic on twelve” diameter spools
c)    The waist bands will be laminated with the again sheet by glue 
d)    Two waistline bands will be seal with each other by Herrmann Ultrasonic system right after longitudinal fold
e)    Combining drum to be coated with adhesive release coating
f)    Elastic with on-line cutter, completely two sets of cutter units
g)    Torque protection

1.10    Cartoon tissue paper
a)    Cut and area cartoon tissue paper applicator for placement on waistband.
b)    Vacuum drum fashion with flex knife cutoff
c)    vacuum fan 
d)    Eye mark system for placement manage
e)    Knife to have computerized oilers
f)    Torque defense

1.11    Final cutter
a)    Flex knife fashion with computerized knife oilers 
b)    Torque safety

one.12    Unwinds
a)    All unwinds to be independently controlled with servo motors pursuing primary equipment velocity with a rigidity sensing devise (dancer) providing trim.  
b)    Splicers have automatic feature with manual override
c)    All splices will be tape 
d)    Splice detection sensors to see vendor splices and machine splices
e)    Web break detectors provided on all unwinds
f)    All webs to have computerized world wide web guides effectively developed ahead of crucial programs. Edge guides to maintain internet alignment inside of +- 1/eight” of focus on
g)    Air shafts for cores – made for three” I.D. cores
h)    Unwinds like : TissueADLTop sheetBack sheetPoly filmSoft edgeWaist band non-woven

1.13    Drive
Mitsubishi Servo motor push on all tooling transfer units and unwinding method.

1.14    Controls
a)    24V DC management circuit.
b)    Power circuit according to the specification demands of the finish user.
c)    Mitsubishi PLC.
d)    E-end lifeline working entire size of machine on operator and travel aspect.
e)    E-cease circuit hardwired into all E-cease drive button, guard doorways and lifeline.

1.15    Operator management
a)    Provide hardwired E-quit mushroom design buttons at every single operator station.
b)    Provide regular end mushroom style butt
d)    Back sheet on line lamination with eye-mark which manage the location by vision program.
e)    Provide defect detecting technique for the nappy pad from Keyence

1.16    Adhesive system
a)    CZPTson Sizzling melt program
b)    CZPTy applicator head to have a committed pump or dual stream pump on dual programs
c)    Control of on/off and phasing to be completed through Digital CAM
d)    Manual purge, auto and off features for all applications.
e)    The pursuing programs are required
i.    Leg elastic gun *two
ii.    Leg elastic dual stream pump
iii.    Back sheet design glue gun
iv.    Back sheet development glue pump
v.    Top sheet-core glue gun
vi.    Top sheet -core glue pump
vii.    Acquisition layer – Top sheet construction glue gun
viii.    Acquisition layer – Prime sheet development glue pump
ix.    Tissue – fluff core development glue gun
x.    Tissue – fluff core construction glue pump
xi.    ILG elastic gun *2
xii.    ILG elastic twin stream pump
xiii.    ILG ribbon to leading sheet gun
xiv.    ILG ribbon to best sheet pump
xv.    Waist band elastic glue gun *2
xvi.    Waist band elastic glue dual stream pump
xvii.    Waist band -back again sheet lamination glue gun *two
xviii.    Waist band -back again sheet lamination glue dual stream pump
xix.    Cartoon tissue paper-waist band development glue gun
xx.    Cartoon tissue paper-waist band development glue pump 
xxi.    Elastic – folding leading sheet gun
xxii.    Elastic – folding best sheet glue pump

one.17    OEM elements
a)    Web guides – BST
b)    Controls/drives – Mitsubishi principal PLC, contact screens and Servos
c)    Photo eyes – Unwell/Omron/Keyence
d)    CZPTs -SKF, UBC, Peer
e)    Pneumatics – SMC/ARK/Airtac
f)    Safety guard switches – Schmersal
g)    Timing belts – TB Woods HTD style metric, Bando, Optic belt
h)    CZPT belts – Habasit

one.18    Spear areas record for little one pants machine:

Merchandise QTY
Chopping knife for fluff core slicing device 2 pcs
Cutting knife for main slicing device 2 pcs
Cutting knife for ADL minimize & spot unit 2 pcs
Reducing knife for cartoon tape reduce & area device two pcs
Reducing knife for final reducing device two pcs

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Support Support

1. We will provide mechanical and electrical assist throughout installation and startup of the machine at customer’s facility, and 4 months of time at customers’ website for instalation help, startup and coaching.

two. We will provide support and guarantee for a period of 1 calendar year after set up is concluded.

three. we could offer the provider, which handles product’s style, raw material sourcing, fabrication, assembly and debugging, mentioned machine modification, products’ update and the device line upkeep.

4.Uncooked material for tests and path on demand of the customer.


600ppm Automatic Baby Diapers Making Machine & Production Line