Electric Motors Slot Insulation Materials DuPont Nomex Class H 6650 Nhn Insulation Paper

Electric Motors Slot Insulation Materials DuPont Nomex Class H 6650 Nhn Insulation Paper

Goods Data

 NHN/NKN (Nomex paper/Polymide movie/Nomex paper)is a Triple layer electrical insulation material of thermal class  H 180ºC, consisting of polymide film protected with Du Pont Nomex paper. The polymide film providing the product mechanical and dielectric characteristics, even though the Du Pont Nomex paper gives the thermal resistance.This NHN has superb electrical.mechanical,and impregnating qualities.
Mixed adaptable components NHN primary paramete:

No. Properties Unit   Needs
one Nominal thickness mm .15 .20 .twenty five .3 .33
2 Thickness tolerance mm ±0.02 ±0.03 ±0.04 ±0.05
two Fat and  tolerance g/m2 155±25 195±30 260±40 300±45 330±50
four Tensile toughness Lengthwise Nomal N/10mm ≥120 ≥160 ≥200 ≥250 ≥270
Following Bending ≥70 ≥90 ≥150 ≥170 ≥180
Crosswise Nomal ≥80 ≥100 ≥120 ≥150 ≥170
Soon after Bending ≥50 ≥80 ≥100 ≥110 ≥130
five Elongation Lengthwise % ≥10
Crosswise ≥8
6 Breakdown  Voltage Nomal KV ≥8 ≥9 ≥10
After Bending ≥7 ≥8 ≥9
seven Bonding toughness at area temperature No delamination

Combined versatile components NHN programs:
Composite insulation material NHN has very good electrical and mechanical houses of dielectric, beneath substantial temperature and soaked mechanical qualities especiallyUsed for H level motors, electrical appliances slot insulation, change insulation, liner and H degree dry transformer insulation among the layer insulation, and so on..
Class H (180ºC/220ºC)
Very good mechanical properties 
Du Pont Nomex®  and Polyimide laminates

CZPT description
 NHN  is a three-ply versatile laminate produced of Nomex® paper-Polyimide film-Nomex® paper bonded with a artificial adhesive.The total thickness fo the product is made a decision of the thickness of Nomex® paper,also the homes.
 NHN is suited for insulation in electrical motors and transformers with a maximum running temperature of 180ºC. It is utilized in minimal or medium voltage rotating equipment as floor and slot insulation. It can be utilized as nicely as intermediate layer in transformers.


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Electric Motors Slot Insulation Materials DuPont Nomex Class H 6650 Nhn Insulation Paper