High Efficiency Frequency-Variable Asynchronous Motor

High Efficiency Frequency-Variable Asynchronous Motor

Product  Description
HMVP &lparYVP&rparseries frequency-variable & speed-regulation motor is a unique asynchronous motor which used in method electrical power equipped by transducer&time period It is a new unique collection merchandise developed conformably in complete region &periodIt can be go well with with numerous kinds of SPWM frequency conversion products all above the globe&period It has dependent air-cooler&comma can guarantee the motor have powerful cooling in diverse rotate speed&period of time These collection motors are extensively utilised in engine&comma metallurgy&comma weave&comma printing and dyeing&comma chemical industrial&comma mine and so on&comma as nicely as the fan&comma pump modify problem&time period
HMVP collection motors are of vitality conserving&comma broad range of velocity-regulation&comma minimal sounds&comma little vibration and attribute of low-speed consistent torque output&comma large-velocity continual energy output&period Its mounting dimension and electricity entirely conform to IEC common of far better Versatility and interchangeability&period of time


Body Size Assortment

Housing Content Cast Iron
Rated Power Assortment 250kw
Rated Voltage 220&sol380V&semi380&sol660V
Cooling Approach IC416
Frequency ~100HZ
Security Class IP44&comma IP45&comma IP55
Insulation Course B&solF&solH
Pace Range 1&colon20


Frame No&period of time CZPT Rated Frequency Frequency Noise Vibration  
KW N&periodm HZ HZ Db mm&sols  
YVP 80M1 &period55 three&period5 5-50 50-100 79 1&period8  
YVP 80M2 &period75 four&period7 five-fifty fifty-a hundred seventy nine one&period8  
YVP 90S one&period1 7 five-50 fifty-a hundred seventy nine 1&period8  
YVP 90L one&period5 9&period5 five-50 50-a hundred 83 1&period8  
YVP 100M two&period2 14 5-50 fifty-a hundred eighty three 1&period8  
YVP 100L 3 19        five-50     50-one hundred 87 1&period8  
YVP 112M 4 twenty five&period4 five-fifty fifty-a hundred 87 one&period8  
YVP 132S 5&period5 35 five-fifty fifty-one hundred ninety one one&period8  
YVP 132M seven&period5 forty seven&period7 five-fifty 50-a hundred ninety one one&period8  
YVP 160M eleven 70 five-50 fifty-one hundred 93          two&period8  
YVP 160L fifteen ninety five&period4 5-fifty 50-100 ninety three          two&period8  
YVP 180M 18&period5 117&period1 5-fifty 50-100 93          2&period8  
YVP 180L 22 140 5-50 50-a hundred ninety eight 2&period8  
YVP 200L 30 one hundred ninety&period9 five-fifty 50-a hundred a hundred and one two&period8  
YVP 225S 37 235&period5 five-50 50-one hundred one zero one 2&period8  
YVP 225M 45 286&period4 5-fifty fifty-100 103 2&period8  
YVP 250M 55 350&period1 5-50 fifty-100 103 four&period5  
YVP 280S 75 477&period4 5-fifty 50-one hundred 105 4&period5  
YVP 280M ninety 572&period9 five-fifty fifty-one hundred one zero five 4&period5  
YVP 315S a hundred and ten 700 5-fifty 50-one hundred 113 four&period5  
YVP 315M1 132 840 5-50 fifty-100 one hundred fifteen 4&period5  
YVP 315M2 a hundred and sixty 1571 five-50 50-100 116 four&period5  
YVP 315L1 one hundred sixty 1571 5-fifty 50-one hundred 116 4&period5  
YVP 315L1 185 1177 five-50 fifty-one hundred 116 4&period5  
YVP 315L2 200 1237 5-fifty fifty-a hundred 116 4&period5  
YVP 355M1 220 11400 five-50 fifty-a hundred a hundred and twenty 4&period5  
YVP 355M2 250 1590 5-50 50-a hundred 120 4&period5  


Frame NO&period 80–132  &colonPackage by carton box and then packed by wooden box

Body NO&period160 and above&colonone wooden box for each set

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High Efficiency Frequency-Variable Asynchronous Motor