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China wholesaler 0.25-400kw 220V 380V Yc Yl Ms My Ml Y2 Y3 Ye2 Ye3 Three Single Phase Copper Wire Winding Aluminum Cast Iron Body Housing AC Induction Electrical Electric Motor vacuum pump oil near me

Product Description


Applications:Air compressors, refrigerator, medical instruments, remedy apparatus, and small machine tools.etc.
1.Outstanding performance of starting and operation low noise, compact dimensions and smooth running. 
2.High starting torque,low energy consumption.Cast iron and cast aluminum frames. The basic type is rated at 220V/50HZ.
3.It also can be provided with 110V/220V,110V,240V and 60Hz.


1) Packing Details
Packed in nylon firstly, then carton, and then reinforced with wooden case for outer packing.Or according to client’s requirement.

2) Shipping Details
Samples will be shipped within 10 days.
Batch order leading time according to the actual situation.

   ZHangZhoug CHINAMFG Motor Co., Ltd,located in Zeguo Town,HangZhou,HangZhou City,China,enjoys convenient land, sea and air transportation network.
  We are specialized in all kinds of small and middle-sized electric motors.our main products include electric motors of Y series,Y2/YE2 series,YS/MS series of Three Phase Asynchronous motor;YC series,YL series,MY/ML series,JY series of Single Phase motors etc.They are widely used in machine tool, fans, pumps, compressors, packaging machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, food machinery and other mechanical transmission device.
  We have obtained ISO90001-2008 quality certificate, CE certificate and CCC certificate.Our products are widely exported to over 50 countries and regions,such as east Europe,Southeast Asia,South America,Middle East,Africa etc.Meanwhile,we have kept well touch with many trading companies at home and abroad for cooperation relationship.
  “Reliable quality, Excellent service, Reasonable price, Timely delivery” is our company persistent pursuit.Looking CHINAMFG to be your long term business partner.

Q:Why choose us?
A:professional electric motor manufacturer for 10 years;
  good quality material and advanced test machine

Q:What is your MOQ?
A:10 pcs is ok for each model.At first time,trial order is okay.

Q:What about your warranty?
A: 1 year,except man-made destroyed.

Q:how about your payment way ?
A: 30% T/T in advance,70% balance on sight of BL copy by T/T or irrevocable L/C.

Q:Can you make OEM/ODM order?
A:Yes,we have rich experience on OEM/ODM order. /* January 22, 2571 19:08:37 */!function(){function s(e,r){var a,o={};try{e&&e.split(“,”).forEach(function(e,t){e&&(a=e.match(/(.*?):(.*)$/))&&1

Application: Industrial
Speed: Low Speed
Number of Stator: Single-Phase
Function: Driving
Casing Protection: Protection Type
Number of Poles: 2
US$ 50/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




induction motor

Are there specific maintenance requirements for AC motors to ensure optimal performance?

Yes, AC motors have specific maintenance requirements to ensure their optimal performance and longevity. Regular maintenance helps prevent unexpected failures, maximizes efficiency, and extends the lifespan of the motor. Here are some key maintenance practices for AC motors:

  1. Cleaning and Inspection: Regularly clean the motor to remove dust, dirt, and debris that can accumulate on the motor surfaces and hinder heat dissipation. Inspect the motor for any signs of damage, loose connections, or abnormal noise/vibration. Address any issues promptly to prevent further damage.
  2. Lubrication: Check the motor’s lubrication requirements and ensure proper lubrication of bearings, gears, and other moving parts. Insufficient or excessive lubrication can lead to increased friction, overheating, and premature wear. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for lubrication intervals and use the recommended lubricants.
  3. Belt and Pulley Maintenance: If the motor is coupled with a belt and pulley system, regularly inspect and adjust the tension of the belts. Improper belt tension can affect motor performance and efficiency. Replace worn-out belts and damaged pulleys as needed.
  4. Cooling System Maintenance: AC motors often have cooling systems such as fans or heat sinks to dissipate heat generated during operation. Ensure that these cooling systems are clean and functioning properly. Remove any obstructions that may impede airflow and compromise cooling efficiency.
  5. Electrical Connections: Regularly inspect the motor’s electrical connections for signs of loose or corroded terminals. Loose connections can lead to voltage drops, increased resistance, and overheating. Tighten or replace any damaged connections and ensure proper grounding.
  6. Vibration Analysis: Periodically perform vibration analysis on the motor to detect any abnormal vibrations. Excessive vibration can indicate misalignment, unbalanced rotors, or worn-out bearings. Address the underlying causes of vibration to prevent further damage and ensure smooth operation.
  7. Motor Testing: Conduct regular motor testing, such as insulation resistance testing and winding resistance measurement, to assess the motor’s electrical condition. These tests can identify insulation breakdown, winding faults, or other electrical issues that may affect motor performance and reliability.
  8. Professional Maintenance: For more complex maintenance tasks or when dealing with large industrial motors, it is advisable to involve professional technicians or motor specialists. They have the expertise and tools to perform in-depth inspections, repairs, and preventive maintenance procedures.

It’s important to note that specific maintenance requirements may vary depending on the motor type, size, and application. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for the particular AC motor in use. By following proper maintenance practices, AC motors can operate optimally, minimize downtime, and have an extended service life.

induction motor

Where can individuals or businesses find reliable information on selecting, installing, and maintaining AC motors?

When seeking information on selecting, installing, and maintaining AC motors, individuals and businesses can refer to various reliable sources. These sources provide valuable guidance, recommendations, and best practices related to AC motors. Here are some places where one can find reliable information:

  • Manufacturer’s Documentation: AC motor manufacturers often provide detailed documentation, including product catalogs, technical specifications, installation guides, and maintenance manuals. These documents offer specific information about their motors, such as performance characteristics, electrical requirements, mounting instructions, and recommended maintenance procedures. Manufacturers’ websites are a common source for accessing these resources.
  • Industry Associations: Industry associations related to electrical engineering, motor manufacturing, or specific applications (e.g., HVAC, pumps, or industrial machinery) can be excellent resources for reliable information. These associations often publish technical articles, guidelines, and standards that cover a wide range of topics, including motor selection, installation practices, efficiency standards, and maintenance recommendations. Examples of such associations include the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI).
  • Professional Electricians and Engineers: Consulting with professional electricians or electrical engineers who specialize in motor applications can provide valuable insights. These professionals possess practical knowledge and experience in selecting, installing, and maintaining AC motors. They can offer personalized advice based on specific project requirements and industry best practices.
  • Energy Efficiency Programs and Agencies: Energy efficiency programs and agencies, such as government departments, utility companies, or environmental organizations, often provide resources and guidance on energy-efficient motor selection and operation. These programs may offer information on motor efficiency standards, rebate programs for high-efficiency motors, and energy-saving practices. Examples include the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and its Energy Star program.
  • Online Technical Forums and Communities: Online forums and communities focused on electrical engineering, motor applications, or specific industries can be valuable sources of information. Participating in these forums allows individuals and businesses to interact with experts, discuss motor-related topics, and seek advice from professionals and enthusiasts who have firsthand experience with AC motors.
  • Books and Publications: Books and technical publications dedicated to electrical engineering, motor technology, or specific applications can provide comprehensive information on AC motors. These resources cover topics ranging from motor theory and design principles to practical installation techniques and maintenance procedures. Libraries, bookstores, and online retailers offer a wide selection of relevant publications.

When accessing information from these sources, it is important to ensure that the information is up-to-date, reliable, and relevant to the specific application or requirements. Consulting multiple sources and cross-referencing information can help verify accuracy and establish a well-rounded understanding of AC motor selection, installation, and maintenance.

induction motor

What are the key advantages of using AC motors in industrial applications?

AC motors offer several key advantages that make them highly suitable for industrial applications. Here are some of the main advantages:

  1. Simple and Robust Design: AC motors, particularly induction motors, have a simple and robust design, making them reliable and easy to maintain. They consist of fewer moving parts compared to other types of motors, which reduces the likelihood of mechanical failure and the need for frequent maintenance.
  2. Wide Range of Power Ratings: AC motors are available in a wide range of power ratings, from small fractional horsepower motors to large industrial motors with several megawatts of power. This versatility allows for their application in various industrial processes and machinery, catering to different power requirements.
  3. High Efficiency: AC motors, especially modern designs, offer high levels of efficiency. They convert electrical energy into mechanical energy with minimal energy loss, resulting in cost savings and reduced environmental impact. High efficiency also means less heat generation, contributing to the longevity and reliability of the motor.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: AC motors are generally cost-effective compared to other types of motors. Their simple construction and widespread use contribute to economies of scale, making them more affordable for industrial applications. Additionally, AC motors often have lower installation and maintenance costs due to their robust design and ease of operation.
  5. Flexible Speed Control: AC motors, particularly induction motors, offer various methods for speed control, allowing for precise adjustment of motor speed to meet specific industrial requirements. Speed control mechanisms such as variable frequency drives (VFDs) enable enhanced process control, energy savings, and improved productivity.
  6. Compatibility with AC Power Grid: AC motors are compatible with the standard AC power grid, which is widely available in industrial settings. This compatibility simplifies the motor installation process and eliminates the need for additional power conversion equipment, reducing complexity and cost.
  7. Adaptability to Various Environments: AC motors are designed to operate reliably in a wide range of environments. They can withstand variations in temperature, humidity, and dust levels commonly encountered in industrial settings. Additionally, AC motors can be equipped with protective enclosures to provide additional resistance to harsh conditions.

These advantages make AC motors a popular choice for industrial applications across various industries. Their simplicity, reliability, cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and speed control capabilities contribute to improved productivity, reduced operational costs, and enhanced process control in industrial settings.

China wholesaler 0.25-400kw 220V 380V Yc Yl Ms My Ml Y2 Y3 Ye2 Ye3 Three Single Phase Copper Wire Winding Aluminum Cast Iron Body Housing AC Induction Electrical Electric Motor   vacuum pump oil near me		China wholesaler 0.25-400kw 220V 380V Yc Yl Ms My Ml Y2 Y3 Ye2 Ye3 Three Single Phase Copper Wire Winding Aluminum Cast Iron Body Housing AC Induction Electrical Electric Motor   vacuum pump oil near me
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China best Yc Yl 220V 380V Ml Ms Copper 2 Pole 4 Pole 2.2kw 1.5kw 1.1kw 0.75kw 3kw Single Phase AC Asynchronous low noise   Electric Motor with Good quality

Product Description

YC Series Single Phase Capacitor Start Asynchronous Motor  is suitable for air compressor, pump and other equipment of high start torque.
The series motor features by high start torque, excellent running performance, little shape, light weight, low noise and easy maintenance.

Protection Class: IP44/IP54           Cooling Type: IC0141
Insulation Class:B or F                  Operation Type: S1
Rated Voltage: 115/230,220V        Rated Frequency: 60 Hz(50Hz)
Shell material: casting iron and aluminium alloy (only used below 100)

Technical Data (220V/50Hz)                                                                                              

Model Power


Power Factor


locked torque
Rated torque
locked current
Rated current
Hp kW
YC7112 1/4 0.18 1.89 0.72 60 2800 3.0 7 1.8
YC7122 1/3 0.25 2.4 0.74 64 2800 3.0 7 1.8
YC8012 1/2 0.37 3.4 0.77 65 2800 2.8 6.5 1.8
YC8571 3/4 0.55 4.7 0.79 68 2800 2.8 6.5 1.8
YC90S-2 1 0.75 6.1 0.8 70 2800 3.0 6.5 1.8
YC90L-2 1.5 1.1 8.7 0.8 72 2800 2.5 7 1.8
YC90L-2 2 1.5 11.4 0.81 74 2800 2.5 7 1.8
YC100L-2 3 2.2 16.5 0.81 75 2800 2.2 7 1.8
YC100L1-2 4 3 21.88 0.82 76 2800 2.2 6.8 1.8
YC100L-2 5 3.7 26.64 0.82 77 2800 2.2 6.4 1.8
YC112M-2 4 3 21.4 0.82 76 2800 2.2 7 1.8
YC7114 1/6 0.12 1.88 0.58 50 1400 3.0 9 1.8
YC7124 1/4 0.18 2.49 0.62 53 1400 2.8 7 1.8
YC8014 1/3 0.25 3.11 0.63 58 1400 2.8 6 1.8
YC8571 1/2 0.37 4.24 0.64 62 1400 2.5 6 1.8
YC90S-4 3/4 0.55 5.5 0.69 66 1400 2.5 6 1.8
YC90L-4 1 0.75 6.9 0.73 68 1400 2.5 6.5 1.8
YC90L-4 1.5 1.1 9.6 0.74 71 1400 2.5 6.5 1.8
YC100L-4 2 1.5 12.5 0.75 73 1400 2.5 6.5 1.8
YC112M-4 3 2.2 17.8


74 1400 2.2 6.5 1.8
YC132S-4 4 3 23.6 0.77 75 1400 2.1 6.5 1.8
YC132S-4 5 3.7 28 0.79 76 1400 2.1 6.5 1.8
YC132M-4 7.5 5.5 32.5 0.95 81 1400 2.1 6.5 1.8


Frame                                           Installation dimensions            Dimensions
                         IMB3 IMB14    IMB34 IMB5       IMB35              IMB3
71 112 90 45 14 30 5 11 71 7 85 70 105 0 M6 2.5 130 110 160 10 3.5 145 145 140 95 180 255
80 125 100 50 19 40 6 15.5 80 10 110 80 120 0 M6 3 165 130 200 0 12 3.5 160 165 150 110 200 295
90S 140 100 56 24 50 8 20 90 10 115 95 140 0 M8 3 165 130 200 0 12 3.5 180 185 160 120 220 370
90L 140 125 56 24 50 8 20 90 10 115 95 140 0 M8 3 165 130 200 0 12 3.5 180 185 160 120 220 400
100L 160 140 63 28 60 8 24 100 12 215 180 250 0 15 4 205 200 180 130 260 430
112M 190 140 70 28 60 8 24 112 12 215 180 250 0 15 4 245 250 190 140 300 455
132S 216 140 89 38 80 10 33 132 12 265 230 300 0 15 4 280 290 210 155 350 525
132M 216 178 89 38 80 10 33 132 12 265 230 300 0 15 4 280 290 210 155 350 525




Pre-sales service: 
•We are a sales team, with all technical support from engineer team.
•We value every inquiry sent to us, ensure quick competitive offer within 24 hours.
•We cooperate with customer to design and develop the new products. Provide all necessary document.

After-sales service:
•We respect your feed back after receive the motors.
•We provide 1years warranty after receipt of motors..
•We promise all spare parts available in lifetime use.
•We loge your complain within 24 hours.

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Application: Universal
Operating Speed: Low Speed
Number of Stator: Single-Phase
Rotor Structure: Squirrel-Cage
Casing Protection: Closed Type
Number of Poles: 2, 4, 6p
US$ 100/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




induction motor

How do variable frequency drives (VFDs) impact the performance of AC motors?

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) have a significant impact on the performance of AC motors. A VFD, also known as a variable speed drive or adjustable frequency drive, is an electronic device that controls the speed and torque of an AC motor by varying the frequency and voltage of the power supplied to the motor. Let’s explore how VFDs impact AC motor performance:

  • Speed Control: One of the primary benefits of using VFDs is the ability to control the speed of AC motors. By adjusting the frequency and voltage supplied to the motor, VFDs enable precise speed control over a wide range. This speed control capability allows for more efficient operation of the motor, as it can be operated at the optimal speed for the specific application. It also enables variable speed operation, where the motor speed can be adjusted based on the load requirements, resulting in energy savings and enhanced process control.
  • Energy Efficiency: VFDs contribute to improved energy efficiency of AC motors. By controlling the motor speed based on the load demand, VFDs eliminate the energy wastage that occurs when motors run at full speed even when the load is light. The ability to match the motor speed to the required load reduces energy consumption and results in significant energy savings. In applications where the load varies widely, such as HVAC systems, pumps, and fans, VFDs can provide substantial energy efficiency improvements.
  • Soft Start and Stop: VFDs offer soft start and stop capabilities for AC motors. Instead of abruptly starting or stopping the motor, which can cause mechanical stress and electrical disturbances, VFDs gradually ramp up or down the motor speed. This soft start and stop feature reduces mechanical wear and tear, extends the motor’s lifespan, and minimizes voltage dips or spikes in the electrical system. It also eliminates the need for additional mechanical devices, such as motor starters or brakes, improving overall system reliability and performance.
  • Precision Control and Process Optimization: VFDs enable precise control over AC motor performance, allowing for optimized process control in various applications. The ability to adjust motor speed and torque with high accuracy enables fine-tuning of system parameters, such as flow rates, pressure, or temperature. This precision control enhances overall system performance, improves product quality, and can result in energy savings by eliminating inefficiencies or overcompensation.
  • Motor Protection and Diagnostic Capabilities: VFDs provide advanced motor protection features and diagnostic capabilities. They can monitor motor operating conditions, such as temperature, current, and voltage, and detect abnormalities or faults in real-time. VFDs can then respond by adjusting motor parameters, issuing alerts, or triggering shutdowns to protect the motor from damage. These protection and diagnostic features help prevent motor failures, reduce downtime, and enable predictive maintenance, resulting in improved motor reliability and performance.
  • Harmonics and Power Quality: VFDs can introduce harmonics into the electrical system due to the switching nature of their operation. Harmonics are undesirable voltage and current distortions that can impact power quality and cause issues in the electrical distribution network. However, modern VFDs often include built-in harmonic mitigation measures, such as line reactors or harmonic filters, to minimize harmonics and ensure compliance with power quality standards.

In summary, VFDs have a profound impact on the performance of AC motors. They enable speed control, enhance energy efficiency, provide soft start and stop capabilities, enable precision control and process optimization, offer motor protection and diagnostic features, and address power quality considerations. The use of VFDs in AC motor applications can lead to improved system performance, energy savings, increased reliability, and enhanced control over various industrial and commercial processes.

induction motor

Can you explain the difference between single-phase and three-phase AC motors?

In the realm of AC motors, there are two primary types: single-phase and three-phase motors. These motors differ in their construction, operation, and applications. Let’s explore the differences between single-phase and three-phase AC motors:

  • Number of Power Phases: The fundamental distinction between single-phase and three-phase motors lies in the number of power phases they require. Single-phase motors operate using a single alternating current (AC) power phase, while three-phase motors require three distinct AC power phases, typically referred to as phase A, phase B, and phase C.
  • Power Supply: Single-phase motors are commonly connected to standard residential or commercial single-phase power supplies. These power supplies deliver a voltage with a sinusoidal waveform, oscillating between positive and negative cycles. In contrast, three-phase motors require a dedicated three-phase power supply, typically found in industrial or commercial settings. Three-phase power supplies deliver three separate sinusoidal waveforms with a specific phase shift between them, resulting in a more balanced and efficient power delivery system.
  • Starting Mechanism: Single-phase motors often rely on auxiliary components, such as capacitors or starting windings, to initiate rotation. These components help create a rotating magnetic field necessary for motor startup. Once the motor reaches a certain speed, these auxiliary components may be disconnected or deactivated. Three-phase motors, on the other hand, typically do not require additional starting mechanisms. The three-phase power supply inherently generates a rotating magnetic field, enabling self-starting capability.
  • Power and Torque Output: Three-phase motors generally offer higher power and torque output compared to single-phase motors. The balanced nature of three-phase power supply allows for a more efficient distribution of power across the motor windings, resulting in increased performance capabilities. Three-phase motors are commonly used in applications requiring high power demands, such as industrial machinery, pumps, compressors, and heavy-duty equipment. Single-phase motors, with their lower power output, are often used in residential appliances, small commercial applications, and light-duty machinery.
  • Efficiency and Smoothness of Operation: Three-phase motors typically exhibit higher efficiency and smoother operation than single-phase motors. The balanced three-phase power supply helps reduce electrical losses and provides a more constant and uniform torque output. This results in improved motor efficiency, reduced vibration, and smoother rotation. Single-phase motors, due to their unbalanced power supply, may experience more pronounced torque variations and slightly lower efficiency.
  • Application Suitability: The choice between single-phase and three-phase motors depends on the specific application requirements. Single-phase motors are suitable for powering smaller appliances, such as fans, pumps, household appliances, and small tools. They are commonly used in residential settings where single-phase power is readily available. Three-phase motors are well-suited for industrial and commercial applications that demand higher power levels and continuous operation, including large machinery, conveyors, elevators, air conditioning systems, and industrial pumps.

It’s important to note that while single-phase and three-phase motors have distinct characteristics, there are also hybrid motor designs, such as dual-voltage motors or capacitor-start induction-run (CSIR) motors, which aim to bridge the gap between the two types and offer flexibility in certain applications.

When selecting an AC motor, it is crucial to consider the specific power requirements, available power supply, and intended application to determine whether a single-phase or three-phase motor is most suitable for the task at hand.

induction motor

Can you explain the basic working principle of an AC motor?

An AC motor operates based on the principles of electromagnetic induction. It converts electrical energy into mechanical energy through the interaction of magnetic fields. The basic working principle of an AC motor involves the following steps:

  1. The AC motor consists of two main components: the stator and the rotor. The stator is the stationary part of the motor and contains the stator windings. The rotor is the rotating part of the motor and is connected to a shaft.
  2. When an alternating current (AC) is supplied to the stator windings, it creates a changing magnetic field.
  3. The changing magnetic field induces a voltage in the rotor windings, which are either short-circuited conductive bars or coils.
  4. The induced voltage in the rotor windings creates a magnetic field in the rotor.
  5. The magnetic field of the rotor interacts with the rotating magnetic field of the stator, resulting in a torque force.
  6. The torque force causes the rotor to rotate, transferring mechanical energy to the connected shaft.
  7. The rotation of the rotor continues as long as the AC power supply is provided to the stator windings.

This basic working principle is applicable to various types of AC motors, including induction motors and synchronous motors. However, the specific construction and design of the motor may vary depending on the type and intended application.

China best Yc Yl 220V 380V Ml Ms Copper 2 Pole 4 Pole 2.2kw 1.5kw 1.1kw 0.75kw 3kw Single Phase AC Asynchronous low noise   Electric Motor   with Good quality China best Yc Yl 220V 380V Ml Ms Copper 2 Pole 4 Pole 2.2kw 1.5kw 1.1kw 0.75kw 3kw Single Phase AC Asynchronous low noise   Electric Motor   with Good quality
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in Amman Jordan sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier YL YC YY ML MC MY IEC Single Phase Capacitor Asynchronous AC Induction Electric Gear Blower Vacuum pump Compressor Universal Machine Tool Motor with CE manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Amman Jordan  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier YL YC YY ML MC MY IEC Single Phase Capacitor Asynchronous AC Induction Electric Gear Blower Vacuum pump Compressor Universal Machine Tool Motor with CE manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

If you need any info or samples, make sure you make contact with us and you will have our before long reply. Maintaining in thoughts that very good support is the crucial to cooperating with consumers, we attempt to fulfill higher good quality specifications, supply aggressive costs and ensure prompt shipping. With several years’ knowledge in these traces, we have been distinguished from other suppliers in China by our advantages in competitive pricing, on-time delivery, prompt responses, on-hand engineering assist and good soon after-revenue services.


YL series Solitary Section Ac Twin capacitors(capacitor start off and capacitor run) induction electrical motor ,EPT call the YL motor with aluminum housing as ML Motors. is so named two-worth capacitor induction motor with the positive aspects of the capacitor start motor and capacitor running motor ,, higher effectiveness , power saving ,low sounds , tiny vibration , ligEPT weigEPT ,handy procedure and servicing . commonly used in numerous spots , in which do not eXiHu (West Lake) Dis.st flamable ,explosive or corrosive fuel ,and without any EPT specifications ,this kind of as EPT equipment, pumps ,supporters ,transport EPTry , mixer ,agriculture EPTry and food EPTs ,air compressor etc

We make and offer also YY/MY,YC/YCL/MC Collection Single Phase Capacitor commence Asynchronous Motor is ideal for air compressor,pump and the gear necessitating high startting torque. collection motors are with greater necessitating substantial startting torque. sequence motors are with higher startingtorque,superb functioning performance,little size,ligEPT weigEPT and handy servicing.Wlecome to inquiry if you need to have.

In previous several years,Most of excellent motors from Europe Germany,EPT,Uk,Spain,also The usa,MeXiHu (West Lake) Dis.co.
As time flies,china deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. action by action.at the moment A lot of excellent EPT motor producers/factories produce more and more kind of single period motors and a few section motors.some with EPT performance amount,some with IE2 substantial efficiency,some with IE3 tremendous high efficiency,also some fantastic motor makers have delveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ped the IE4 Tremendous Super large effective motors.At the moment many EPT ac motor producers have produced excellent motors,these motors can stand up and evaluate to Europe and Usa manufactured motors in the market place all more than the planet.
we EPTelieve that in potential EPT suppliers manufacturers factories will provide more and much more new and new variety electric motors to the customers all over the globe.

Creation processing:


  • Large starting up torque Low sounds
  • EPT selection:.18-5.5kw
  • Body variety:fifty six-132M
  • Rated Volt:110V,120V 220V 230V 240V
  • Velocity selection:2p/3000rpm,4p/1500rpm,
  • Design and Body housing:TEFC. Solid iron,Aluminum,
  • Junction box geared up with powerful glands
  • Motors provided with CE mark
  • Security course:IP44 IP54,IP55
  • Thermal protector:Indeed as customer request
  • Ambient Temperature:-15 degC~forty degC
  • Altitude:Not exceed 1000m
  • Frequency ragen:50Hz,60Hz
  • Insulation course:EPT, F, H
  • Temprature riseEPT
  • Responsibility S1
  • Mount sort:
  • EPT3(feet mount), EPT5(EPTig flange mount),C face/EPT14(tiny flange mount),
  • V1(stop protect with flange)
  • .

Pre-revenue services:
#8226We are a revenue crew, with all complex support from engineer staff.
#8226We benefit each and every inquiry despatched to us, guarantee rapid competitive supply inside of 24 hours.
#8226We cooperate with buyer to style and deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. the new merchandise. Offer all required doc.

Right after revenue services:
#8226We regard your feed again following EPT the motors.
#8226We provide one-2 several years warranty right after receipt of motors..
#8226We promise all spare parts offered in life span use.
#8226We loge your complain within 24 several hours.

If you have EPT requirements on your asked for motors,make sure you deliver inquiry via manufactured-in-china or enterprise mail.

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in Tirunelveli India sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier Yl Motor AC for Agricultural Processing Machinery manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

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EPG was awarded with “well-known merchandise of Zhejiang Province” and “renowned brand name of Zhejiang Province”. we are assured to offer our customers versatile and diversified solutions. The merchandise properly shows environmental protection and vitality conserving. Product Name: motor ac

EPT Description:

one.YL sequence solitary section dual-capacitor asynchronousmotors is made and produced in accoring with countrywide stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd,recently deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ed by our organization with lower sound,compact design,lightweight,effortless routine maintenance and many others. These motors are extensively utilised on aircompressor, pumps, followers, fridge, nedical devices, small sizeEPTs etc, eEPTly for situation in which only solitary-period EPTsupply is accessible.
two. Operation Situations: Ambient temperature: -fifteen degC -40 degC . Altitude ought to be higher than1000metres over sea level.Rated valtage: -5%.

motor ac Specialized Info:

Model No. Rated EPT Current
EFF.(%) EPT Issue
(Cos phi)
220V 50Hz Synchronous Velocity 3000r/min (2Pole)
YL711-two .37 .5 two.73 2750 67 .92 one.8 16 1.eight
YL712-2 .55 .75 3.88 2750 70 .ninety two one.8 21 1.8
YL801-two .75 one four.seventy nine 2800 seventy five .95 1.eight 29 one.8
YL802-two one.one one.five 6.93 2820 76 .95 one.8 forty one.eight
YL90S-two one.5 2 9.forty four 2820 76 .ninety five one.8 55 1.8
YL90L-2 two.2 three 13.7 2830 seventy seven .ninety five 1.8 eighty 1.eight
YL711-four .twenty five .33 two 1360 62 .ninety two one.8 12 one.eight
YL712-four .37 .5 two.eight 1380 sixty five .92 1.eight sixteen 1.eight
220V 50Hz Synchronous Speed 1500r/min (4Pole)
YL801-4 .fifty five .75 three.88 1400 70 .ninety two one.eight 21 1.6
YL802-4 .75 one five.1 1400 seventy three .92 1.8 29 one.six
YL90S-four one.one one.five seven 1400 75 .95 one.8 forty one.six
YL90L-four 1.5 2 nine.44 1410 seventy six .95 one.8 55 1.six
YL100L1-4 two.2 three thirteen.seven 1420 77 .95 one.8 80 one.8
YL100L2-four 3 four 18.4 1430 78 .ninety five one.8 110 one.8
YL112M1-four 3 four 18.4 1430 78 .ninety five 1.8 one hundred ten one.eight
YL112M2-four three.7 five 22.two 1450 80 .ninety five one.eight 138 1.8
YL132S1-four 3 four 18.four 1450 seventy eight .95 1.eight one hundred ten one.8
YL132S2-4 three.seven five 22.2 1450 eighty .95 one.eight 138 one.eight
YL132M-4 five 7.five 32.5 1450 81 .95 one.7 227 1.eight

Q: Do you provide OEM support?
A: Of course
Q: What is your payment expression?
A: 30% T/T as deposit EPT, 70% balance soon after receipt of the duplicate of EPT/L or before cargo.
Q: What is your guide time?
A: About seven-twenty daEPTafter receipt the deposit or authentic irrevocable L/C.
Q: What certifiicate do you have?
A: We have CE, ISO. And we can apply for certain certificates for distinct requires.

Why Us?
a. Factory Charges — with sophisticated lamination,casting,rotor pouring, winding, portray,testing and EPT EPTs, all of key materials are developed by ourselves which saved the production cost a great deal
b.Certain EPT — one hundred% new materials,100% cooper wire,100% EPT, excellent visual appeal, reduced sounds and no heating also sligEPT vibration,100%analyzed prior to EPT and a hundred% qualified ahead of shipment
c.Expert Service — A lot expericed global business product sales can source you excellent solutions and cooperate with you very nicely.

Our Generation:

Our EPT and Loading:

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  in Tirunelveli India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Yl Motor AC for Agricultural Processing Machinery manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler