Waste Engine Oil Car Oil Regeneration Plant for Base Oil; Oil Decolorization System

Waste Engine Oil Car Oil Regeneration Plant for Base Oil Oil Decolorization System

Squander Engine Oil/Auto Oil Regeneration Plant for Foundation Oil Oil Decolorization System

Collection BOD Squander Oil Distillation & Changing System can make the diesel & gasoline from black dirty engine oil, waste lube oil, crude oil, waste plastic oil, and squander rubber oil right after by way of catalytic distillation.
Series BOD Squander Motor Oil Distillation Technique can produce the foundation oil from black dirty motor oil, waste lube oil, crude oil, auto oil, motor oil, waste plastic oil, and waste rubber oil after by means of catalytic distillation.

Pump the pre-taken care of oil into heater vessel (distillation kettle), warmth the oil up to doing work temperature (will be up to all around 430ºC ), then distillation, catalytic, lastly base oil, diesel and gasoline are acquired.

Cease heating when reaction of waste oil is concluded, in the distillation kettle, eliminate all the remaining residues, then all system can be reused for following time.
one. Simple to function, one ~ 2 staff can effortlessly function the equipment.
two. Environmentally helpful in the entire operation, no smoke, no odor, CZPT secondary pollution,the total approach is all sealed, is not going to release any gas hazardous to human and environment,
3. Sequence BOD System can recycle & distill different filthy black oils including squander engine oil, lube oil, gasoline oil, diesel oil, rubber oil, plastic oil, and other lubricant oil, and convert them to diesel oil and gasoline oil.
4. High high quality and quantity of refined oil attained via output, no any discoloration brought on by oxidation, no any undesirable smelling/ odor.
5. Reduced procedure value only includes followings:
1) catalyst chemical, value less than USD thirty to refine a single ton of waste oil.
two) Warmth power intake: a hundred and five kcal for each ton of waste oil
3) Electricity consumption: forty KW to recycle one ton of squander oil
6. With Higher diploma of automation in the entire operation, advanced developing and fabrication engineering.
7. Undertake the water circulation approach on atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit, very safe. And following
decompression on the complete program, refined oil’s production amount and quality are elevated
8. The complete procedure is executed CZPT acid and clay .
nine. Large successful heating system: many heating sources can be utilized such as normal fuel, furnace oil.
Our products line are as following
one. Insulating oil purifier 
one.1. Series ZY: Zhongneng vacuum insulation oil purifier 
one.two. Series ZY-A: Zhongneng Vacuum insulation oil automation purifier 
one.three. Series ZYB: Zhongneng vacuum insulation oil regeneration purifier 
1.four. Series ZYD: Zhongneng CZPT-stage vacuum insulation oil purifier 
1.5. Series ZYD-I Zhongneng double-stage vacuum insulation oil regeneration purifier 
one.6. Series ZYD-M: Zhongneng Mobile Type Transformer Oil Purification Plant, Oil Recycling 
two. Turbine oil purifier 
two.one. Series TY: Zhongneng vacuum turbine oil purifier 
2.three. Series TY-A: Zhongneng vacuum turbine oil automation purifier 
three.Lubricating oil purifier 
three.one. Series TYA: Zhongneng vacuum lubricating oil purifier 
3.two. Series TYC: Zhongneng vacuum lubricating oil regeneration purifier 
four. Engine oil purifier Series LYE: Zhongneng vacuum engine oil purifier 
5. Diesel oil, gasoline oil and fuel oil purifier Series TYB: Zhongneng diesel oil, gasoline oil and fuel oil purifier 
six. Transformer oil regeneration device Series BZ: Zhongneng BZ transformer oil regeneration device 
seven. Multi-Functional oil purifying machine Series ZYB: Zhongneng Muti-Functional oil purifying machine 
eight. Oil purifier specially for CZPT oil and Lubricating oil Series TYA: Zhongneng oil purifier. 9. PL Plate pressure oil purifier 
ten. JL Portable oil purifying 
eleven. TYD Water oil separator, oil purifier machine 
twelve. EFD Explosio Protection Purifier 
thirteen. Automatic insulating oil tester/BDV Tester (oil purifier, oil purification, oil filtration, oil recycling, oil treatment, oil regeneration, oil restoration, oil filtering, waste oil disposal, oil reclaiming, waste oil management, energy saving, oil reconditioned, oil reconstituted, oil restituting, oil recovering ,oil filtration, oil filter, oil tester)

Waste Engine Oil Car Oil Regeneration Plant for Base Oil Oil Decolorization System