4-6kw-1500rpm Brushless Permanent Magnet DC Motor

4-6kw-1500rpm Brushless Permanent Magnet DC Motor

Brushless composition. Compose velocity regulation technique with variable frequency. It can understand velocity regulation system below continuous torque, which is a lot improved comparing with other present variable frequency pace regulation motors.

Motor with higher effectiveness, specifically can function effectively in the whole velocity range, conserving vitality and lowering long-term running costs. The cost of the motor can be taken back in one and a fifty percent 12 months by saving electrical power.

The motor and variable frequency converters compose speed regulation program. It can function in the exact same pace of the frequency. Do not have slip difference dilemma, high manage precision.

Without encoders or rotary transformers, motors can compose open loop manage methods with frequency converters. Motor link with converter only by three electrical power cables, bettering the reliability, especially suited for negative outside environments this kind of as oil fields, mines or other circumstances which call for substantial reliability.

With encoders or rotary transformers, the motors and frequency converters can compose closed loop control system, getting high accuracy of velocity control, specifically ideal for the circumstances which have specific specifications of velocity, this kind of as numerical handle devices.

The voltage is 220V or 380V, 50Hz, three section, F insulation, B3 or B35 installations, Protection class: IP54.

Motor’s power factor is virtually one, enhancing the Q factor of the community. Do not require electrical power issue compensators.

Tiny electric recent, saving electrical power transmission and distribution capacity, extending the program operation lifestyle.

Can attain comfortable startup, comfortable quit, stepless speed regulation. The pace can be CZPT according to the needs of consumers.

Power Voltage 50Hz Pace Recent Power aspect Efficiency Rated torque Peak torque Product Size Weight
4 kw 380V 1500RPM 6.8A .98 92.8% 25.5Nm 50Nm Y112-4M 400 33kg
five kw 380V 1500RPM 8.4A .ninety eight ninety three.% 31.8Nm 60Nm Y112-4L 400 26kg
five.five kw 380V 1500RPM 9.2A .ninety eight 93.1% 35.0Nm 70Nm Y112-4L 400 36kg
six kw 380V 1500RPM ten.1A .ninety eight ninety three.2% 38.2Nm 80Nm Y112-4L 400 30kg

4-6kw-1500rpm Brushless Permanent Magnet DC Motor