Synchronous Motor-for Sintering Fan\ Blast Furnace Fan, Water Pump T3600-4 1430 3600kw 6kv

Synchronous Motor-for Sintering Fan Blast Furnace Fan, Water Pump T3600-4 1430 3600kw 6kv

Motors are  frequently used to drive equipment these kinds of as blast furnace fans and sintering fans in the metallurgical market
I. Overview
T series large-scale three-section 4-pole, 6-pole synchronous motor and many others are sequence of goods created by our firm on the foundation of introducing and absorbing sophisticated technologies at property and abroad. It is widely utilised in petroleum, chemical, electrical power and other industries, and is utilised to generate substantial-inertia mechanical hundreds this sort of as supporters, pumps, and compressors.
This collection of motors adopts new technology, new supplies, new procedures, exquisite material choice, refined production, modest size, mild excess weight, substantial performance, lower sounds, lower vibration, secure and trustworthy operation, and handy use and upkeep.
Two implementation requirements
GB755 Rotating Motor Score and Functionality
CZPT conditions of JB/T2224 large AC three-phase 4-pole synchronous motor
GB/T1571 A few-period synchronous motor examination method
GB/T997 motor structure and installation type code
GB/T1993 Rotating Equipment Cooling Strategy
GB/T4942.1 Motor shell defense quality
GB/T10068 Rotating motor vibration measurement technique and restrict
GB/T10069 Rotating Machine Sound Measurement Method and Limit
3. Standard technological parameters
Power range: 400~40000KW
Voltage: 6000, 10000V
Velocity: one thousand, 1500r/min
Rated frequency: 50HZ
Safety level: IP44, IP54
Insulation course: F
Quota: S1
Cooling strategy: IC81W, IC91W
Set up technique: IM7311created in accordance to other parameters in accordance to person needs
Four, technical qualities By incorporating a “Γ”-formed damping ring to the solid magnetic poles, the motor can give a huge sufficient starting up torque, a pulling torque and a reduce starting recent, which can guarantee the smooth starting up and acceleration of the motor, and have a modest impact on the energy grid, and meet up with the person load demands .
four.two The use of new insulating resources and insulation engineering, with super powerful insulation and voltage resistance.
four.three The motor adopts course F insulation, and the temperature rise is assessed in accordance to the temperature rise limit price of class B insulation. It has a lengthy services existence and a very good air flow program, which tends to make the unit beneath numerous working situations such as startup, overload, overexcitation, underexcitation, and shutdown. Make sure that the temperature rise of every single element does not exceed the allowable limit.
four.4 Through accurate calculation and analysis, the construction of the rotor is established. The large-electrical power motor adopts the integrated structure technologies of shaft and choke to make the motor risk-free and reliable.
four.five The security system is innovative and complete.
4.5.1 The stator windings and bearings are equipped with temperature detection products, which can detect, alarm and journey.
4.five.2 Shutdown room heater with anti-condensation impact.
5, composition sort
5.1 The composition of this sequence of motors is normally horizontal, and the cooling method is a closed circulating air cooling technique, which is found at the base of the motor. For further-high-electricity motors, it is of box-kind framework and h2o-cooled.
five.two The motor magnetic material adopts substantial-quality cold-rolled silicon metal sheet with large magnetic permeability and low loss, which increases the functioning performance of the motor and reduces the functioning cost of the motor. Rigid stator structure, the iron core is fixed on the supporting ribs of the frame in the circumferential course via the dovetail groove and compressed in sections with high pressure, and all the forces are transmitted to the foundation through the frame, minimizing vibration. The damping ring and the magnetic pole undertake a particular correcting method to prevent malfunctions triggered by poor make contact with all inside conductive human body connectors, fasteners, supports and screws on the rotating human body have anti-loosening actions to make certain firmness and reliability.
5.3 The stator winding is treated with VPI as a whole dipping paint, which has high electrical overall performance, mechanical energy, insulation efficiency, moisture resistance and thermal stability.
5.four The bearing is a sliding bearing with strain oil circulation, which is mounted in a bearing seat produced of forged steel. The sliding bearing has a spherical bearing that can routinely modify the centre. The inner floor of the bearing is coated with a layer of Babbitt alloy to prevent power technology Lead-tin eutectic happens when the equipment is managing at higher temperature. The bearings are insulated to avert shaft currents.
6. Conditions of Use
six.1 Voltage fluctuation: ±5% (It can operate at ±10% under the condition of seven.3 in GB755).
6.two Frequency fluctuation: ±2%.
6.3 The altitude does not exceed 5000m
6.four The optimum ambient air temperature does not exceed +50ºC,
6.five The inlet temperature of the cooling drinking water of the air cooler must be stored in the selection of 6~33ºC, the pressure of the cooling h2o is .3Mpa, and the cooling drinking water ought to have no corrosion impact on copper and iron.
6.six If the earlier mentioned simple problems of use are exceeded, corresponding actions or special orders have to be taken.
Seven, model description
Motor with framework form IM7311: Motor with structure sort IM1001

Outer diameter of stator main (Φ1730mm) Rated energy (15000KW)

Number of poles (four poles) Amount of poles (four poles)

Rated electrical power (7000KW) Middle height (1120mm)

T sequence synchronous motor T sequence synchronous motor
8. Purchasing guidelines Before inserting an buy, you should refer to the merchandise catalog of this sequence to make clear the needed product model, requirements and other information. If there is any discrepancy amongst the essential kinds and requirements, make sure you make contact with our organization.
eight.two When ordering, the motor model, rated electricity, velocity, rated voltage, rated frequency, defense amount, load second of inertia, rotation route, set up sort, and so forth. have to be indicated.
8.3 The complex information sheet in the catalog only lists the relevant knowledge of motors with rated voltages of 6KV and 10KV. If users require other voltage levels, our business can also offer technical knowledge when purchasing.
8.four The complex knowledge and dimensions in the sample are only for reference when customers decide on designs. The formal data will be supplied by the company after the contract or technological agreement is signed.
eight.five If you have any other specific specifications, such as brushless excitation, variable frequency commence, etc., remember to give the demands and sign the related technical agreement when ordering.

Synchronous Motor-for Sintering Fan Blast Furnace Fan, Water Pump T3600-4 1430 3600kw 6kv